A Tribute To Gene Grounds

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    Gene Grounds, a great friend, prayer partner, and gifted leader went home to be with The Lord yesterday. 

    Gene loved the Lord Jesus and served the Lord faithfully until Jesus said to come home! 

    I was privileged to work with Gene as he led the Disaster and Victim Relief Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  Gene and I had met a few times as he was developing Victim Relief Ministries.  About a year or so after Victim Relief Ministries launched, I had a call about a shooting and suicide at an apartment community where we had an apartment church.

    Afterward, I called Gene and signed up for training to be a Victim Chaplain. This was excellent training.  

    Later, Gene and two other men became my prayer partners.  Many times I have sent them a message asking them to pray and faithfully they did. Often in the middle of the night! The Lord always answered! 

    On September 4, 2015, I walked into Prestonwood's main building to do a walk- thru as we prepared for English As A Second Language classes which were to begin on Tuesday, September 8.  To my surprise, the lobby by the Children's entrance was blocked off for remodeling.  This meant we would have to re-route more than a hundred adults who could speak little or no English around the Worship Center, outside, and back into the building. This was stressful, but upon praying, the Lord brought Gene Grounds to mind.

    I called Gene and said, I needed help and explained the situation.  He said he would handle it! Praise The Lord he did! 

    On Labor Day, September 7, Donna tried to awaken me but I was not very responsive. I had no idea what day it was, where I was, or much of anything else. The paramedics got me to the hospital, so I was out of commission for several days.  

    On Tuesday, September 8, Gene and other Victim Relief Volunteers arrived and helped direct the students around the buildings! It was a great success and would have been nearly impossible without his leadership! The ESL leaders and teachers were extremely grateful for the "Yellow Shirts"!

    I was diagnosed with Massive Migraines, low potassium, and high stress!  For those who served with Gene that night, I will forever be grateful. 

    Gene was always encouraging me.  I so glad Gene allowed me to watch and learn. My gift is not administration, but Gene was gifted with administrative skills.  I think his real gift was encouragement! 

    Gene had some training called Neighbors Keeper.  Neighbors Keeper took the story of the Good Samaritan and broke down the various steps in helping someone in a crisis or a need.  After Gene retired and Victim Relief Ministry closed down, I asked Gene if I could get Neighbors Keeper for Neighborhood Light. 

    He agreed. Today, Neighbors Keeper is being incorporated into Neighborhood Light to help families as they minister to this in their neighborhoods who are experiencing tragedy. 

    While I have worked closely with Gene over the years, he would not be the man he was without Virginia! She had a profound impact on his life, the life of Prestonwood, and churches all around the world.  I particularly remember the Banner Ministry she led.  Magnificent banners showing the Glory and majesty of the Lord our God! 

    Gene's salvation is now complete! While we are weeping over our loss, we can still celebrate what he is experiencing!  Seeing Jesus face to face!

    We can only imagine what he and others are doing!  While Gene and others in Heaven cannot receive all their rewards until history is complete, they are having a grand time experiencing the most perfect peace and love, unlike anything here on this earth! 

    We will miss Gene! But we will also see him again!